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Coating: At Floressence coating plant perfume bottles are coated to get the required powder and liquid color coating on the bottles. Our in-house coating facility is equipped with the best coating machines and necessary infrastructure for getting the desired color shades and textures on the bottle. Stringent quality control procedures are followed considering our clients requirements and delivered with high level of satisfaction.

Box printing facility: With the box printing nowadays forming an integral part of any manufacturing set-up, our in house box printing facility consists of all the related services which includes the box designing, specifying the lay outs, designing the different packaging materials, printing on the Heidelberg (one of the world's best 6 color offset printers), lamination, foiling & embossing.

Mixing and blending: One of the most important and complex procedures in any perfume manufacturing set-up, handled with utmost precision by our blending expert team to get the required mix of the fragrance and deodorants. Health and safety measures are not compromised on any stage of the process.

Perfume and deodorant filling facility: Our fully automated filling station ensures the highest quality standards in the industry. Our in house quality control team ensures that the quality of the product produced are checked and verified. Quality check is done for each and every process right from procuring of raw materials to finished product.

UV and Metalizing: Floressence has a modern and sophisticated in-house UV and Metalizing set-up where the perfume and deodorant caps are given the necessary UV/ Metalizing treatment to get the required matt finish and glossiness on the caps.

Packing facility: Packing facility out here at Floressence is equally important ensuring the finished goods are picked and packed with all the necessary quality control checks in place.

Warehouse facility: Our warehouse facility ensures all the order received, are dispatched on a timely basis to our customers. Necessary checks are in place to ensure the final delivery of the product reaches our customer in pristine condition.

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